What to Expect

Our Church Family

Who are these people that God asks you to gather with? At Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, you will find a very warm and welcoming crowd.

We are friendly and loving towards one another. We welcome everyone. Our church is not full of perfect Christians. We are all sinners saved by Grace. You will encounter individuals from all walks of life. Some may be devoted lifelong Christians. Others may come humbly from a life of sin that they chose to turn around. You will encounter people of all ages as well.

Jesus came for the sinners. Don't wait to try to get your life right before coming to church. Come as you are and let God make your life right.


Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church welcome little ones! We offer Sunday school classes, divided by age, that you can send your child into.

We also have Children's Church where the children go after the worship. There they will sing songs, learn Bible verses, and make crafts about the lessons for that week. This helps Children get to know God in a fun and creative way while instilling in them important virtues, like honesty, kindness, and devotion.

We have a licensed nursery worker on staff caring for the youngest of our church family.

The Services

Sunday School: We have Sunday School classes for all ages including adults. You will have an opportunity to ask questions on the lessons and share your thoughts as well. It is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you would like to join us beforehand for prayer requests, you can come early at 9:45. Otherwise, Sunday School starts at 10:00.

Sunday Morning Service: Church starts at 11:00. We generally open with announcements and worship. We have a special music almost every week. Our worship session usually lasts about 30 minutes. Then, the children leave to go to Children's Church. At that time, our pastor takes the pulpit to deliver a scriptural God centered sermon that never disappoints. The service concludes with a time of invitation.

Invitation: During invitation, we sing a song. People can come to the alter to pray. This is the time that you would go forward to join the church or to talk to the pastor about getting saved. If you want someone to just pray with you or for you, you can come forward at this time as well. Our pastor or deacons would love to pray with you.

If you are a woman and would really like a woman to pray with you, we have several women that are most happy to do that as well. Just let the pastor know when you come forward and he will motion for one of the ladies to come.

Sunday Morning Services generally ends at 12:00PM.

Sunday Night Service: Service starts at  6:00PM and is generally over at 7:00PM.

Wednesday Night Service: Service starts at 7:00PM and generally ends at 8:00PM.

Evening services are relaxed. 

We love to joke around with each other and visit before all of the services. So, if you would like to get to know us better, please feel free to come a little early. 

One thing you really should know about Baptists, we love to eat! So, do not be shy if you come on a day that we are having a social after church. Feel free to stay! Eat and fellowship with us. We would LOVE to have you!